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Xolaris is a company built on a unique combination of technological insights, national security experience and principles that value life, peace and human rights.

Our Swedish heritage

Xolaris was established in Sweden in 1999, as we recognized an increasing demand for positioning technologies and services. In 2000, we developed the world’s first commercial location-based service platform together with a leading telecommunications supplier.

As a Swedish technology pioneer, we embrace our heritage that values life, peace, human rights, and the prevention of violence. We develop our solutions according to these ethics, and provide national security and public safety authorities with strategic intelligence to protect citizens and infrastructure.

Our commitment

While digitalization is benefitting communities at a fast pace, misuse of mobile technologies by extremists and organized crime constitutes serious threats to life, peace and human rights.

Our mission is to enable our customers to gain insights from mobile networks and integrated sources to protect people and infrastructure, for a safer and better future.

Human rights

We recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


We oppose corruption, extortion, bribery, and dishonest conduct.

Labour standards

We recognize the International Labour Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at work.


We do business with authorities and business entities that fully comply with and respect our code of conduct.

Suppliers and partners

Our suppliers and partners shall be committed to ethical standards equivalent to our own.

Careers at Xolaris

Do you want to use your skills to make the world a safer place? At Xolaris, we welcome teammates who thrive on innovation and helping others.

Here, you will be working in an international environment, with the latest technologies, and with people driven to improve global security and safety.

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