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Criminals quickly adapt to new digital technologies. Every mobile device leaves a digital footprint that can be traced back to suspects – in real-time and historically.

Introducing Eunomia™

Eunomia Intelligence Center is a state-of-the-art intelligence software that enables locating, tracking, detecting and investigating criminal and security threats.

Eunomia is used by national security and law enforcement agencies for critical and time-sensitive intelligence missions such as counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and crime prevention.

Elevating investigative intelligence for agencies worldwide

Eunomia has been developed in close collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent intelligence agencies. It is the game changer needed to efficiently counter criminal activities and security threats in order to protect people and infrastructures.

Eunomia can be integrated with external information sources such as criminal records, OSINT data, CCTV, satellite and other imaging systems.

real-time situational awareness

Real-time positioning for continual surveillance.

Follow suspect movements and find patterns.

Identify unknown domestic and foreign devices.

Locate specific device types within seconds.

Detect and identify elements entering or leaving critical areas.

Investigative analytics

Identify movement patterns in the past, from days to years ago.

Identify locations associated with criminal conducts.

Detect and monitor suspicious SIM card and device swaps.

Identify unknown devices following or carried by Person-Of-Interest.

Reverse information analysis to link devices to events.

Associations and conducts analytics

Detect deviating and suspicious conducts.

Identify different association types.

Identify previously unknown criminal cells/groups.

Identify hierarchies and chain of command in criminal cells/groups.

Detect “silent” criminal communicators.

Proven under extreme pressure

Over the years, Eunomia has been instrumental in foiling terrorist attacks, identifying and exposing organized crime networks, as well as solving serious criminal offenses.

Based on the invaluable and actionable intelligence provided by Eunomia, national security and law enforcement agencies have acted upon and prevented situations with unparallelled response times.

Counterterrorism, identifying and monitoring terrorist cells.

Counterintelligence, infiltration and exfiltration detection.

Investigations of assassinations, homicides and abductions.

Prevention of human and drug trafficking.

Reverse information investigations to link devices to events.

Critical infrastructure protection, as well as border control.

Introducing CIWS™

Community Information and Warning System (CIWS) is an advanced Public Warning System that sends location-based emergency alerts to people in potential or direct danger.

As a proven, scalable and dynamic application, CIWS efficiently supports disaster and evacuation management, among other scenarios, to enable authorities acting fast to guide people to safety.

CIWS is capable of distributing 600,000+ location-based SMS per minute.

Based on real-time mobile network data and cell coverage distribution.

Enables authorities to mitigate the impact of emergency situations.

CIWS collects and shares density data in areas of interest.

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